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Security Events

Security Events

Thanks to the professionalism of our highly qualified operators, Plus1 is able to offer also services of security, assistance, organization and management of events, large and small, public and private, both with regard to the close safety, Both with regard to the installation of high-tech security systems, the choice of which will be studied and planned together with the customer during the consultancy, in order to guarantee optimal results in the protection of persons, goods and properties. The consultations carried out by our experts will focus on a detailed assessment of the risks and threats, which subsequently dictate the right planning of the procedures and the measures of contrast to be adopted. Precise and accurate inspections will also be carried out on the places in which to intervene with the aim of studying solutions that can guarantee the optimization of the final result, whatever the context or the location. Our security professionals excel in skills and seriousness, providing their expertise in a context where the controversial needs require maximum efficiency.

The types of service offered PLUS1 concern:-Concerts, events, meetings and conventions; -Masking-control; -Tailmarks; -access control; -Backstage control; -Surveillance dressing room; -Drivers and professional bodyguards; -Underfloor service with personnel trained in the first Aid and fire service; -Close Protection (escort) with the possibility of armored cars; -Consultancy for the simultaneous use of surveillance persons and electronic devices; -Safety conditions in ports and industrial complexes, shopping centres; -Reception of cruise ships with security personnel (anti-terrorism), handling of passenger control gates; -Security operators-Portierato tourist villages in Italy and abroad.

Security, events, bodyguard, private surveillance, non-armed supervision

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