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Posted on 5 Maggio 2015 in Senza categoria

Unfair competition

Unfair competition

A company, of large or small size, can be the subject of illicit competitive practices, both by external actors and by members, collaborators and employees in close contact with competing companies. It can very often happen that trademarks and patents are counterfeited, that there are leaks of sensitive information, for example with regard to formulas and projects, that the company is the subject of theft and fraud, that sabotage and espionage actions occur Industrial (e.g. through abusive tapping of information and knowledge available through telephones and computers. The art. 2600 Cod. Civ. imposes compensation for damages for acts of unfair competition committed with intent or guilt. In the economic-productive sphere, unfair competition is the use of illicit techniques and means to gain an advantage over competitors or to cause damage to them. These phenomena are usually a consequence of poor information security and therefore of the disclosure of confidential data from within the company or from exogenous sources that implementing disparaging, defamatory policies or otherwise contrary to the rules Ethical and commercial normally in use or use industrial espionage policies access to confidential information. From here arises the need to carry out a policy of control that can protect the client from all those issues that can jeopardize the success of the company goal that aims to achieve. The intervention of PLUS1 is to cope with the problems that may arise from illicit pipelines. Our company is able to offer consultancy services with highly skilled personnel able to produce competent analyses and complete evaluations in this field, providing every useful element necessary in the judicial offices. The assessments made PLUS1 on unfair competition are intended to avert one of the most degrading phenomena in which it may happen to run into the world of work, or the subversion of the normal rules of trade competition. The main difficulty encountered in combating unfair competition is the need on the part of the customer to collect evidence that can demonstrate the actual illicit activity of the worker. From here arises the need to address serious and qualified professionals able to carry out accurate investigations to identify and document evidence that can be used in the judicial field.

Plus1, thanks to a team of expert operators in the field, carries out concrete analyses on the following services:

-Environmental reclamation;

-Reclamation by abusive interceptions aimed at detecting micro-spies or micro-cameras placed illegally to intercept conversations, images, data:

Telephone, environmental, vehicle, computer;

-Back up on corporate computers used by former employees, monitoring fleets and people via satellite (gpstracking);

-Verification on company mobiles;