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Defensive investigations

Defensive investigations

Talking about defensive investigations means referring to all those activities aimed at collecting and/or verifying elements with evidentiary value that may be able to bring out a procedural truth in the judicial phase. From 2001 the figure of the private investigator has become extremely important, as the defense has the opportunity to avail of professionals in the field of private investigation in the concrete implementation to the fundamental right of the research of the test , as opposed to the evidence collected and presented to the trial by the prosecution. The evidence that is able to pick up the private investigator, considered as ' private police agent ', have the same value as those collected during investigations by the public police bodies. In the contexts mentioned above, the investigator has been given the opportunity to implement the research and verification of Test sources (documentary analyses, proximity investigations, etc.) and/or means of testing (analyses, appraials and consultancy). It is possible to collect various types of tests, through investigations that are aimed at the search for both direct and indirect probatory elements. The activity carried out by the professional in the field of defensive investigations has an auxiliary value compared to the work done by the defender, to support the assisted in the criminal proceedings. The activities that can be carried out by the private investigator can be divided into typical and atypical, according to the contemplation by the legislator about the same.

Typical activities (undocumented interviews with people informed about the facts);

Atypical activities (subject monitoring, collection of photographic, audio and cinematographic material, collection of socio-economic information etc…)

A further function of the investigator in the criminal process in the inconsistent between the parties, is to provide descriptions about the activity carried out during the aforementioned defensive investigations. The investigator, as an indirect witness, may also be able to testify on the news collected during the undocumented interviews (typical activities). The role of PLUS1 in relation to investigations in the criminal defense is to offer a service diconsulence and assistance serious and qualified, which will be made available to the customer according to his needs. Our professionalism and preparation, both in the psychological field (thanks to the intervention of psychologists and criminologists), both in strictly legal field, and in the forensic field (criminalistic investigations, Forensic informatics etc.) will offer to the customer a support Important in trying to overcome any issues of any entity. Plus1 is able to carry out careful analysis and thorough investigations carried out by its authorized thyotolar regarding the following activities of defensive investigation:

-Search for evidence;

-Representations of photographic, cinematographic and audio evidence relating to the facts taken into consideration;

-Research and detection of unidentified witnesses;

-Research and investigation of persons informed of the facts in favour of the defendant or the injured party;

-Reconnaissance of persons by video and/or photographic reproductions;

-Technical expertise (medico-legal, accounting, graphic, phonic, computer, ballistic, accident-prevention);

-Inspections and surveys of places and things.

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