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Posted on 17 Aprile 2015 in Senza categoria

People Search

People Search

More and more often we hear about the fact that the phenomenon of the missing persons is constantly increasing, this is also due to media communication that allow to highlight this type of problematic present throughout the national territory and International and which concerns a male and female population of all ages. It is worth noting the phenomenon that affects especially minors. As far as those who voluntarily depart, they can be driven by different motivations, ranging from health problems, depression, insolvencies and failures etc. The reasons that lead a person to move away are of varied nature and the difficulty grows more when a person disappears without motivations that can be considered valid. When specialised operators carry out investigations in case of a missing person they must first understand whether there are valid motivations for which a person moves away without leaving traces of himself. They will be able to retrace the moments of the deceased subject through investigations of proximity, inspections, collection of evidence, study of Frequentations. All these investigations will be carried out in a serious and professional way. Investigations will be carried out concerning:

The forced distutions (disappearances in which several factors come into play as sentimental motivations, due to the psychological and social coercion of other people or groups or situations that may produce a sense of psychological and social inappropriateness);

Tracing people of the past (In that case you have to rebuild years of life, which can cause more problems in case you have little information fragmented and inaccurate. Both in the one and in the other case, the specialists in the field monitor every possible trace and sift through any kind of information collected to reconstruct movements and behaviours implemented during the absence);

Voluntary removal, that is, those who foresee planning and full awareness of the actions of disappearance can happen that the subjects in question decide to go abroad and rebuild a new identity and then a new life. Generally they are people with debts and financial troubles but also legal: insolvent, bankrupt, divorced. PLUS1 offers to its customers an appropriate consultancy for every need, carrying out careful analysis on the investigations carried out by professionals in the field, that with the utmost seriousness manage to collect all those elements that can manage to find the Missing subjects. The operators will reconstruct the movements of the subject by examining any kind of information obretrievable from careful investigations: banking, commercial, relational, communications, transport, or other, so then to reach the identification and therefore to the Finding the same subjects.

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