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Posted on 9 Aprile 2015 in Senza categoria

Close Protection

Security Service

In today's society our safety is continually endangered by the presence of deviant sociologically defined subjects or, in the most serious cases, by real criminals. All the more so, when there are reasons to fear acts of robbery, murder, blackmail or industrial espionage, the need to use a solution of close protection is more urgent. The Plus 1 srl, also using the ' ' aid of external collaborations, is able to provide advice and protection to customers who will ask and who will have the full awareness that their well-being and their activities are the subject of careful work Full of professionalism and discretion. For this purpose, the Plus 1 employs both male and female qualified operators, in order to better meet the different needs of the clientele who, so far, has always been fully satisfied with the benefits received.

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