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Business Intelligence

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The right information at the right time competitiveness, predisposition to change, speed of reaction to market challenges are necessary requirements that a company must meet in order to survive in a constantly evolving reality. The added value you are asked for is agility, to anticipate new trends and potential opportunities, to quickly model your business strategy, optimize and cut costs. The premise of this ability resides in an infrastructure that transforms the data that an organization produces on a daily basis in accurate information to make available to the resources that need it, whenever needed. Business Intelligence solutions are the key to analyzing these data-financial, operational, administrative, personal-and exploit them for an effective decision-making process. Often these solutions are based on products and technologies already present in the company: therefore they do not require large investments and adapt quickly to the growing business needs. Maximum reliability for critical applications the so-called mission-critical systems, concerning information, equipment or resources essential for the correct operation of a company, demand maximum availability, data security and solidity of Performance. There are applications requiring high-reliability infrastructures that can handle large amounts of information, avoid blocks of activities or overloads and ensure maximum operation, always. The solutions allow the measurement of business performance and allow the integration between information of a different nature, in order to highlight weaknesses, possible problems and new opportunities. Plus 1 delivers speed and transparency and gives financial directors an actionable insight vision that supports business initiatives.