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Security of communications

Security of communications

PLUS 1 knows very closely the world of companies, and knows well that the confidentiality of shared information constitutes in this environment an invaluable value, even more so than in other contexts. When you think about corporate security, words like "firewall" and "antivirus" are immediately in mind, and you are led to believe that the company's IT department can effectively deal with all aspects of security in exchanging Information. Yet phone calls are subject to the same risk of email interception, and therefore require adequate protection devices to make them secure. Indeed, the interception of sensitive information, that they are transmitted via mobile phone or via email, is a much simpler and widespread practice than one might think. PLUS 1 Security Suite is the solution to protect the confidentiality of corporate communication: It is the world's first secure fixed-mobile convergence solution, designed to communicate in total privacy with landlines and mobile phones across the company network, Including customers. It is not difficult to imagine which and how much damage could result to a company from misappropriation of sensitive data such as:

-Corporate patents; -New products in the launch phase; -Confidential negotiations; -Market strategies; -Confidential information of M &A;

In this perspective, the protection of company communications by telephone becomes a primary requirement: a fundamental asset whose protection and safeguard are absolutely strategic. PLUS 1 is aimed at all those professionals who daily need to share confidential or extremely personal information with their partners and customers. Our anti-intercept solutions allow you to exchange information safely via mobile phone.

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