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Posted on 9 Febbraio 2015 in Senza categoria

PRE Recruitment


The finding of new professionalism and productive resources is part of those neuralgic activities in the company business. In view of this it is entirely inevitable to obtain information on the "new employee" in order to understand if there are any contraindications in its insertion in the company. A careful pre-recruitment screening policy of crucial importance to choose your employees. This service can save you time and money but above all prevent potential problems in the workplace. The delicacy of the survey is managed professionally by Plus 1 with the utmost discretion and confidentiality and all the information is passed directly to the customer, allowing the employer to verify the actual truthfulness of Information included in the curricula of aspiring workers, tracing habits and frequentations, in order to assess the suitability of the subject to the professional position. Plus1 carries out a thorough analysis on the investigations carried out by experts in the field, so as to guarantee a pre-selection of the potential employees that can lead to the achievement of optimal results within the client company that intends to make assumptions within its own workforce.

-School Curriculum Assessment

-Assessment of the membership of professional bodies

-Verification of previous service attested

-Reference Survey

-Verification of the actual reasons relating to the cessation of previous work activities

-Verification of the actual previous wages

-Commercial information-presence of any civil actions, failures, etc.

-specific information on request.