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Marital infidelity

Marital infidelity

Plus1 in case of alleged marital infidelity applies the following methodologies:

Consulting with the customer through which we collect all the information necessary to begin the conduct of the investigations;

Observation activity consisting of the ' monitoring ', in an absolutely discrete manner, of the movements, habits and frequentations of the observed subject;

Collection of photographic and video documentation that may have evidentiary value in judicial proceedings;

Drafting and handing over to the customer a detailed dossier on the investigations carried out. The report will also contain the photographic and video material collected during the course of the investigations, which the customer can use as evidence in a possible process of separation or divorce. Although, under the exquisitely technical-investigative profile, these are "simple" investigations, Plus 1 approaches every intervention with the utmost seriousness and confidentiality, using highly qualified personnel who will be able to go against all Customer's needs.

In addition to the strictly investigative activity, PLUS1 will follow the customer also from a strictly psychological and therapeutic point of view, thanks to the excellent experience and preparation of our operators.

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